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Our Responsibility

Tobacco Regulations and Communication

  • Tobacco products should be regulated in a manner that is designed to achieve significant and measurable reductions in the risks and adverse health effects associated with¬†tobacco use. Regulations should enhance the information available to adult tobacco consumers to permit them to make informed choices, and encourage the development of tobacco and nicotine products with lower risks than existing cigarettes.
  • The degree of regulation should be based on the risks and comparative risks of tobacco and nicotine products and their respective product categories. Preferential treatment (taxation, marketing, consumer communication, labeling, etc.) should be given to tobacco and nicotine products or product categories that are less harmful than cigarettes.
  • Communication and interaction with adult tobacco consumers regarding their brand choices is essential for effective competition.
  • Public policy should allow communication of the comparative risks of tobacco products and encourage tobacco consumers to either quit or switch to lower-risk products.
  • The regulation of marketing of tobacco products should be consistent with constitutional protections and enhance an adult tobacco consumer’s ability to make an informed choice by providing accurate information on the risks and comparative risks of tobacco products.
  • The marketing of tobacco products should not be targeted to minors and non-tobacco consumers.


Recycling Program

At Nicotek, we pride ourselves on providing top quality products all while minimizing our impact on the world around us. With that mentality, our Recycling Program was introduced to help reduce the amount of waste introduced into landfills. By rewarding consumers with free product in return for sending us their recyclables, we have seen great success in our recycling initiative all while reducing our impact on the environment.